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About the game

The images and verses presented in this blog have been designed as the playing cards in a game of collective artistic creation.

Full series available at:

The game includes two types of cards (so technically it’s not just three ‘Cs’ but also two games in one!):

A: I tell you what I see (now tell me what you see). It mixes images with verses that have been written in response and then invites the readers to share what they see.

B: Travel journals titled as inserted; and It follows a character through different locations, leaving the space for the players to fill in the story.

The card games are ideals for individuals such as:

writers and narrators on the quest for new ideas (or suffering the pain of the so-called ‘writer’s block’): including novelists and screenwriters, playwrights and poets, lyricist and rappers and journalists who train, to pick the fact and find the clue to keep the lead above the ground; and also students and teachers involved in the art and the trade of the pen or the lens (or the paper or the screen).

And for groups such as:

teams of creators of any kind and any mind: with the purpose and the need to take a peak inside the brains, of their colleagues and their peers; and also friends with the pleasure and the luxury of time, to take a p… or give an f… either a letter or a word; or a sentence or a paragraph (or a doodle or a sketch): whatever they prefer to tell a story by the lot.

Players and readers are welcomed to share their responses by leaving a comment on the (respective) blog-post. For those in Melbourne, AUS.: if you found us somewhere around the city, please take a photo and tell us where. Cheers!